Welcome to RENEGADE alpha
Started by Master_Renegade

Renegade is a server born from a disdain for pay to win, overpowered/excessive modifications and inappropriate/misguided moderation and administration. Website: https://renegade-mc.com Discord: https://discord.renegade-mc.com

We recognize that the most important thing a server has to offer is an active and vibrant community. We intend to foster this by facilitating positive experiences for all our players. This will be done by:

  • Listening to our players and responding to their needs.

  • Moderating in good faith with the goal of creating a positive experience for all players.

  • Not offering any advantages in exchange for real world money.

  • Having clear and concise rules and policies. See here: (https://renegade-mc.com/rules/)

  • Having a limited amount of modifications and alterations from vanilla gameplay.

  • Striking a balance between players who do and do not want PVP. PVP is not enabled within land claims. PVP toggle in the overworld, and on by default in the Nether and End.


  • Start with 512 blocks and gain 64 claim blocks per hour

  • 5 /sethomes

  • a single player warp that requires in-game money to rent

  • Basic Teleportation (/tpa & /tpahere)

  • Diamond based currency

  • Player Chestshops

  • limited/tuned MCMMO

  • /ah

  • Resource Nether

  • quality of life improvements

  • moderation tools

  • We do not have silk touch spawners

  • We do not have /fly for players

  • We do not have keep inventory or /back

  • We do not have any pay to win options

Our ranks are almost entirely cosmetic. There are no purchasable items, homes, warps, claims, or anything else that grants a material advantage. Rank info here: https://renegade-mc.com/store

I hope to see you online.

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